Fit The Feet

When you visit Capital City Runners, we want to ensure that every customer gets the personal attention they deserve.  Our fit process begins with a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert staff.  Here we discuss a customer’s running history, their present running “habits” and potential injuries, as well as go over some basics of running.  From there, we have a 3 step process which includes:

Step 1 – Shoe Sizing

The first step is looking at the feet. All feet are different so we like to start our fit process by looking at the arches, and how they change when going from a sitting to standing (weight bearing) position.  We look at how the foot and arch change when the upper body twists and moves forward.  After this, we use a Brannock device to measure the length (shoe size) and width of the foot.  From there we explain how we size for running shoes, and what we will be bringing to the customer as a test shoe.  We try to find the most flexible, neutral shoe in the appropriate size for the customer to wear during the Gait Analysis portion of the process.  If the size of the shoe needs to be adjusted, it is done at this point.

Fit Process

Step 2 – Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

From there, we have the customer run or walk two or three short times  (15-30 seconds) in the shop as we record a short video that we use for the gait analysis.  The video is important in that it allows the staff  to present the customer to him/herself in a frame-by-frame manner while explaining the dynamics of the customer’s gait.  During this free gait analysis, we ensure  that each customer sees exactly what we see and and also fully understands what’s going on with their own biomechanics.  This makes it easier for  the customer to understand why a certain category of footwear will be more appropriate for than another.


Step 3 – Shoe “Test Drive” and Decision Making

The last step is the most fun. Given what was discovered in the first 2 steps, the staff member will then bring out a few different shoes that have been determined to most likely be the best options for the customer’s needs. Since everyone’s feet are different, the customer’s input is extremely important during this phase.  Because this step is very much about the fit, feel ,and ride of the shoe it is our belief that each and every customer should “test drive” each option presented.  Just as a test drive is recommended before buying a car, a short run in a shoe is equally important in the decision-making process.  Also, it is important to remember that what feels great on one person’s foot might not on the next person’s. We always recommend that our guests run or walk in each pair of shoes they try on and even encourage them to take the shoe out onto the sidewalk so they can truly experience the shoe on the same surface most of their running is done.

Our main priority at Capital City Runners is to ensure each one of our valued customers receives the ultimate service and leaves the store very confident they are in the best shoe for their individual needs.

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